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I created Wyrd Knits in 2018 to showcase and sell my patterns for knitted toys, dolls, and hats. I learned to knit as a child, and had already been creating and selling original patterns since 2014, when I created the Knit Your Own Wonderland series while recuperating from an operation: there aren't many activities as therapeutic as knitting!

Fuelled by a lifelong fascination with fantasy, folklore, and fairy tales, I moved on from Lewis Carroll's Wonderland to another classic world of the imagination with Knit Your Own Oz, and then to series celebrating magical beings and fantastical beasts; as well as a line of novelty hats featuring everything from cute critters and seasonal silliness to dinosaurs.



Praise for Wyrd Knits from Amazon customers:

"Easy to follow pattern... Great when made up... Great value price."
"Another really fun pattern."
"Lovely patterns, so much fun to do."
"Great to use with children when reading the story."

Knitting series by Marcus Pitcaithly:

Knit Your Own Wonderland
Knit Your Own Oz
Knitted Novelty Hats
Knitted Magical Beings
A Bestiary of Knitted Monsters

Knitted Mythical Beings

A League of Knitted Heroes

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