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Here they are: from the Hereward trilogy up to my most recent publications. Enjoy!



Hereward: Sons of the White Dragon

ISBN 978-0-9556864-0-5

England, 1067: a conquered land.


After thirteen years in exile, the outlaw Hereward Askilsson returns home to a country groaning under Norman rule. When his brother is murdered by the steward of a local baron, he takes a swift and savage vengeance, and quickly becomes a leader of the English resistance: but it is a perilous life. He will need all his wits and courage, merely to survive.


The one that started it all back in 2008 - Marcus' first novel.

Hereward: The Fury of the Northmen

ISBN 978-0-9556864-1-2

1069. Many English still hold out against the Norman invaders: but the resistance has splintered into factions. Some still follow Prince Edgar, the lawful heir; others cling to the hope that King Harold secretly survived the Battle of Hastings. As for Hereward the Wake, he decides to make an alliance with the King of Denmark: but when the Danes arrive, Hereward begins to fear that he has made a terrible mistake. As tensions rise within the rebel camp, the Normans lay their plots, and old enemies reappear, thirsting for Hereward's blood.

Hereward: Doom of Battle

ISBN 978-0-9556864-3-6

The year is 1070. Four years after the Conquest, there is now only one centre of serious resistance to Norman rule left in England: the Camp of Refuge at Ely, headquarters of Hereward the Wake. The King and his nobles are able to throw everything they have against Hereward: meanwhile, his entanglement with the beautiful Lady Elfthryth threatens his marriage to Torfrida. And so Hereward's saga winds its way towards the final chapter.


Shakespeare on Film: An Encyclopedia

ISBN 978-0-9556864-2-9


From Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree's King John (1899) to the present day, the plays of Shakespeare have proven irresistible to film-makers. They have been given every possible treatment: from straight adaptation, through period analogue or modern retelling, to musicals and operas; in every genre from Western to boardroom drama.


This encyclopedia is more comprehensive than any previous study of the subject. It includes articles on every single adaptation of Shakespeare's work yet released in cinemas (as of 2010), in chronological order, with synopses of all the plays and a full index of persons mentioned in the text.

Roles of the Sea in Medieval England

ISBN 978-1-84383-701-5


England's relationship with the sea in the later middle ages has been unjustly neglected, a gap which this volume seeks to fill. England's insularity made the seas around it fundamentally important to its position and development within the British and Irish Isles and in relation to mainland Europe. At times the seas acted as barriers; but they also, and more often, served as highways of exchange, transport and communication.


In my contribution, chapter 7, "Piracy and Anglo-Hanseatic Relations, 1385 - 1420", I examine the interconnections and mutual impact of trade, piracy, warfare, and high politics in relations between England and the German merchant cities of the Hanse.


Not available on Kindle.

The Realm of Albion

ISBN 978-0955686443


This is the story of the forgotten wife of the legendary King Llyr.


Uprooted from her home at fourteen, and sent to a distant land to marry the aged king, Penarddun is plunged into a world of dynastic intrigue and tribal war. She soon learns that violence and treachery infect the very heart of her husband's court, and that the only way to survive is to be as strong and cunning as her enemies.


The indulged princess must become a warrior queen.

Old Tales Retold: Sprites and Goblins

ISBN 978-0-9556864-6-7


From all around the world - from Alaska to Ethiopia, Brazil to Ukraine - come these stories of giants and trolls and mischievous fairy folk. Retold here for readers of all ages, they are full of magic and wonder.

Old Tales Retold: Here Be Dragons

ISBN 978-0-9556864-8-1

Were-dragons invade Romania. A Japanese dragon king seeks aid to protect his people from a colossal centipede. Bunyips prowl the wilds of Australia.

The world is full of monsters and fabulous beasts in these new tellings of wondrous ancient tales.

The Auld Scots Yule
Christmas Traditions of Scotland

ISBN 978-0955686498

To speak of Scottish Christmas traditions may seem like a contradiction in terms. Hogmanay is the big deal; Christmas was suppressed by the Kirk for centuries, and most modern customs were imported from abroad. But once upon a time Scotland did have its own Christmas traditions - games and mummeries, carols and rhymes, dishes and drinks galore.

So boil up some fat brose, bake a care-cake, practise your street football and jollie-at-the-goose, and get ready for an auld Scots Yule!

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