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Christmas Traditions of Scotland


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To speak of Scottish Christmas traditions may seem like a contradiction in terms. Hogmanay is the big deal; Christmas was suppressed by the Kirk for centuries, and most modern customs were imported from abroad. But once upon a time Scotland did have its own Christmas traditions - games and mummeries, carols and rhymes, dishes and drinks galore.




My next project


I'm afraid the Albion Cycle will not be continuing.

Instead, I'm working on an historical fantasy based on the Galdus myth, as explored in my blog. Look out for more blog posts on the subject.



... sure to be a treat for anyone who loves British mythology and history... a fabulous start to a fascinating new series.

Amazon review of The Realm of Albion


... a vibrant and interesting portrait of pre-Roman Celtic Britain.

Tumblr review of The Realm of Albion


A good introduction to a man who seems to have been all but forgotten (or written out of history) written in an engaging style by a man who knows his stuff and loves it.

Amazon review of Hereward: Doom of Battle


Pitcaithly's engaging tone and attention to detail make him an ideal guide for this whistle-stop tour.

Bardathon review of Shakespeare on Film: An Encyclopedia


Gorski and his contributors are exceptionally successful in this collection in adhering to and developing a thoughtful and complicated theme in such a diverse group of essays.

The Medieval Review on Roles of the Sea in Medieval England

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